Farm Photos

Today I want to share a few photos from my farm, some old, some new.  I hope you enjoy them.  Maybe this will become a weekly theme for me, farm photos on Friday, or something like that.


Eggs from my chickens.  Getting about 8 a day now.


It’s time to start planning for next year’s kids already.  This little fella from a couple years ago was so darn cute!


No farm would be complete without mouse patrol!  I have 6 excellent mousers who keep everything under control.


This is one of my Barred Rocks.  Not my favorite breed of chicken and I’ll tell you why in an upcoming post.


Yes, I have to include one of my horses, for I wouldn’t be me without a horse in my life.

Have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “Farm Photos

    1. I’m a photographer (hobby/business) so I do have a DSLR and a couple lenses. I really enjoy photographing animals and farm life. Glad you liked it!

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