Oberhasli dairy goat doe grazing on pasture.

Fiona isn’t due til June 7 and is huge already.  She started developing an udder about a month ago, and her abdomen has continued to expand at an extraordinary rate.  She’s so wide you could set a table for two on her back.  She’s a first freshener and has always tended to run on the fat side; in fact, she didn’t take the first time she was bred, probably because she was too fat.  I haven’t given her much grain throughout her pregnancy as too much grain will make for big kids that may be hard to deliver.  But just looking at her she either has very large kids or maybe triplets.  I’m giving her raspberry leaf to help strengthen and tone her uterus in preparation for kidding.  This will be my first Elliot daughter to kid and I’m very anxious to see what kind of udder he puts on his babies.  His dam had a beautiful udder, and I’m hoping that is something he will contribute to his offspring.  He already puts a gorgeous head on his babies and a lot of width of frame.