Farm Photo Friday

File Jul 22, 1 31 56 PM

It’s been ridiculously hot and humid here, as it has in much of the US.  But for us in the South we likely won’t get much relief until September.  When the horses just stand in the pasture and sweat like this, you know it’s miserable.

File Jul 22, 1 32 47 PM

Since it’s too hot to do anything outside, I’ve been making lots of cheese.  I have goat Gouda, goat pepper jack, mixed milk cheddar and goat gruyere aging in my “cave.”


We dug the last of the potatoes this week.  We had purple viking, bintje and red gold this year.  I won’t be planting the purple viking again, the yield wasn’t that great.  But it was kinda cool to grow purple potatoes for a change.  The other two did well.


The cantelope is all ready at once, 10 melons in all, so we’ve been eating it at least twice a day and gave some away.  It’s my favorite melon.  I’ve always wondered why I’ve never seen it for sale at our local farmer’s markets when it grows so well.


Lots of red out there in the garden right now.


The sheep just do their thing.  So easy.


Have a great weekend!

Farm Photo Friday

Here’s my week in photos….

Oberhasli doeling enjoying a smorgasbord of weeds.

I turned the kids out into a pen that was overgrown with weeds for a few days but then had to move them back to the barn area when I saw a coyote hanging around.

Alpine doeling standing on a fallen tree.

Jon cut down a dead tree in the kid’s pen which is providing hours of entertainment for them.

Tunis sheep browsing.

If I had known sheep were this easy to care for, I would’ve gotten them a long time ago.  All I do is keep their water filled, otherwise they just happily graze, rest, repeat.

Horses grazing.

The horse pasture is so overgrazed and I hate it, but I have no where else to put them.  In three weeks we move and they will have all the grass they can eat.  And I will be spending a lot less money on hay.

Tomatoes from the garden.

We didn’t plant much in the garden this year as we anticipated finding a new property, but we did plant a few tomatoes, cucumbers, cantelope, zucchini and peppers.  These tomatoes will be going into the dehydrator.

Six barn cats impatient for breakfast

What happens when I take pictures before breakfast…. I have a trail of six cats following me everywhere.

Have a great weekend!



Farm Photo Friday

Last Friday was my Friday the 13th, the reason why there was no post from me last week!


What had been a fine day went downhill fast when I went out to check on a doe that was due to kid and found Emmett on the wrong side of the fence with a broken leg.  Emmett had decided the other side of the fence was a better place to be and in the process of jumping the gate got hung up and broke his leg.  While I was running around getting supplies ready to take care of his leg, I noticed my neighbors horses were loose, one grazing in my yard and the other in a steep ravine behind my house.  The one in the yard wasn’t about to be caught, so I carefully made my way through the woods, trying to avoid the icy patches, and was able to catch the other one.  I walked him to our pasture hoping the other one would follow, which he did eventually but was in no hurry.  Then back to getting things ready to set Emmett’s leg.  When my husband and kids got home we worked by flashlight to get his leg in the right position, wrapped it, then placed a 2 inch PVC pipe split in two around the break, and wrapped it with vetwrap.  So far he’s doing okay, although I don’t think it’ll ever be normal.  Only time will tell.


Then we had more trouble.  We had put our meat birds out in the chicken tractor a few days earlier in the week, and while doing chores I noticed a hole in the wire of the chicken tractor.  Then I noticed we were missing 5 chickens, this on top of my two ducks that had been missing for a few days.  In talking with my neighbor, she had discovered a bobcat was living in a ravine between her house and mine and found white feathers all around that area (my ducks).  It hasn’t bothered anything this week, but it needs to go as I can’t lose any more animals.


Annalee delivered triplet bucks on Sunday.  I checked three times hoping I was wrong and that there was at least one girl in there, but no.  So all kids have been boys thus far.  Two more does are due tomorrow.  Maybe they’ll give me girls and even things out.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!



The kids are so much fun to watch on the playground!  They jump and spin and chase chickens and climb and just enjoy life!


And then they sleep.

Have a great weekend!

Farm Photo Friday

I finally got the snow I’ve been waiting all winter for…


…five inches of it!  It was beautiful while it lasted.  Most of it melted into a muddy mess later in the day.




The horses loved it and the boys came out to play, but the girls–no way.  They stayed in the barn and were content to lay in a sunny spot and watch the snow fall off the trees.


I’ll be keeping a close eye on Cayenne this weekend, she’s due on Sunday.  I’ll start milking her two weeks after she kids; I’m beyond ready for some fresh goat milk!


We have a kidding stall set up in a corner of the barn all ready to go with a deep layer of fresh straw.  Milo the cat has given it his stamp of approval.  Thank goodness it’s supposed to warm up over the weekend and I shouldn’t need a heat lamp to warm the kids.

Have a great weekend!

Farm Photo Friday

Ice, ice, and now more ice.  Earlier in the week we had an ice storm, and now we’re under another ice storm warning until tomorrow morning, followed by heavy rain and thunderstorms over the weekend.  What a wild weather week.



The crocuses are trying their best to make it seem like spring.


Elliot braved the cold and ice to come outside and take advantage of the lowered tree branches, heavy with ice.


But the girls said no way to all that ice and cold and preferred to enjoy the view from their nice cozy barn.


The cardinals were everywhere on my walk.  I wish I had a longer lens to photograph them.


Food photography is hard when you have a dark kitchen and it’s night time so you can’t take it to a window for natural light, but this is what I put together for Valentine’s Day.  Bucheron (one of my favorite goat cheeses), The Drunken Goat (wine soaked cheese, how can you go wrong with that??), and a sheep’s milk Roquefort, along with homemade baguettes, chutney and dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt.

Have a great weekend!


Farm Photo Friday

Seems like this week was all about spending time in the kitchen (which I do enjoy)…


I made one of my favorite cheeses, Camembert, with my cow milk share this week.  It needs about 6 weeks to age and develop a white surface mold before it’s ready to eat.  I make this with goat milk when my girls are in milk and it’s just as delicious.


Love, love, LOVE sourdough bread.  My starter is fed and very active and tomorrow I’ll be making bread.  I keep it in the frig and feed it once a week, then get it out a couple days before I want to make bread to let it get really active.


Maybe this is what we’ll see on Monday, we’re supposed to get SNOW!


Not much going on with the goats, still just waiting….


… for babies to arrive!!!

Have a great weekend!

Farm Photo Friday

A look at the past week in photos…


The full moon was gorgeous, and I thought this abstract shot of it turned out pretty neat, kinda spooky looking.


I’ve been doing some research into starting an herb business.  I’d like to start selling some plants and fresh cut herbs at the farmer’s market this year and see where it goes.


The girls ventured out on this nice sunny day today but not for long.  Here they are heading back to the barn.


Little Cay’s udder is filling up fast these past few days.  She’s not really very big so I’m guessing maybe just a single kid, but we’ll see.  She might surprise me.  This will be her first kidding.


Looks like the 500 bales we got last summer isn’t quite going to last and we’ll have to get another 50-100 to get us through til May.


The Delaware hens days are numbered.  This is their 5th molt and I don’t really think they’re laying much anymore.


And the horses continue to be overfed and underworked.


Have a great weekend!