Why Oberhaslis?

We have chosen to raise Oberhasli  for multiple reasons, including their beautiful color, sweet disposition and delicious milk.  They’re a heritage breed of livestock, listed as “recovering” by the The Livestock Conservancy and are of Swiss origin.  Our girls produce creamy, sweet tasting milk that I use to make a variety of cheeses and yogurt along with goat milk soap.  They are quiet goats, rarely vocalizing at all, and very easy going.  We currently have three senior does, one junior doe and a buck and offer Oberhasli kids for sale in the spring.  Click on name for ADGA pedigree.









In 2014 we purchased an Oberhasli buck, Tivio Farm CRT Echelon (Copperline TFC Red Thunder x SG Tivio Farm OOH Canasta).

All our goats are registered with ADGA.  They are fed a 16% dairy goat ration along with alfalfa hay and high quality Bermuda hay, as well as having 24/7 access to pasture and browse.  They have baking soda and kelp available at all times.  We worm if needed, which is rare.  Our herd is CAE negative.

6 thoughts on “Goats

  1. You have some beautiful goats. We have been looking at using Oberhasli’s for our little place but it will be next year before we get all the infrastructure done. We haven’t found many Oberhasli breeders close to us. I had looked at your site before and didn’t realize we were that close. We are in the north part of Giles County.

    1. That’s wonderful you’re thinking of Oberhaslis for your farm. They are sweet, quiet, beautiful and produce delicious milk. If you’d like to be put on my waiting list for next year’s kids, send me an email at silvermoonfarm@yahoo.com. Good luck with your place!

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